Super Puma

Web3 NFT Launch
Narrative-driven NFT minting experience

Working with PUMA and Web3 partners, FUTURE, we delivered a captivating web experience to celebrate the revival of their sub brand character, SUPER PUMA. This SUPER PUMA activation carried a story and narrative piece that complemented the wider campaign. Within our site, users were given the opportunity to purchase one of 10,000 generative variations of PFPs, each of which showcased SUPER PUMA in various guises from different points in time.

Phase one

Phase one saw users navigating through a simple minting process to redeem a PFP token. Details on what the token would grant investors were kept to a minimum, with lots of teaser information making its way around social media. The cartoon aesthetics of the piece were influenced by the original SUPER PUMA comic books, popular in Germany in the 1980s.

Phase two

On 22 Feb 2023 owners of the SUPER PUMA PFP tokens were invited back to the SUPER PUMA site. Users were now presented with a mysterious PUMA time machine. Users navigated through the process using the ‘Super-Zeitmaschine’ interface, redeeming tokens for a dramatic reveal of their own personal SUPER PUMA NFT.

The SUPER PUMA campaign was highly praised on social media and successfully minted-out the full 10,000 NFTs in just 38 minutes