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The Rolling Stones
Interactive history of the band & main artist site

The Rolling Stones Experience is a monumental undertaking that seeks to provide a digital hub for all Rolling Stones material. It's an incredibly ambitious project that began in August 2020 and has been steadily gathering momentum ever since.

The official Rolling Stones archive

The ultimate goal is to create the most extensive official web-based resource for anything and everything related to the Stones, with a new album or tour added to the archive every couple of months. The project boasts a sophisticated custom CMS that aims to make this the largest online music archive ever created.

Desktop website


The site displays well crafted content with some clever componentry, such as auto-generating text blocks to appear as notebook pages and torn-off paper. The CMS also lets the user set components and spacing as a percentage of the screen, allowing for satisfying overlapping of content. All of this contributes to the experience of the “rock ’n’ roll” scrapbook aesthetic.

Dynamic cursor

This experience benefits from a dynamic cursor that changes with the user's interactions to give clear but unobtrusive instructions for exploring the site.

In conjuction with this massive archive we also revitalised the Stones’ main site with a fresh new look. The site features a ‘mega carousel’ with the ability to split slides into diffrent segments, helping to cater for all the different announcements and projects related to the rock ’n’ roll icons.