Inside Blackbird

Video streaming platform
Blackbird Studios
SAAS streaming service & brand development

Inside Blackbird is a brand new streaming service from one of the world’s top recording studios; Blackbird Studios. They approached Modern English to tackle every aspect of this SAAS application from the UX, brand positioning, design, and complex build to house over 200 hours of educational content from every aspect of music production.

Multi-user focus

The site adapts to the needs of the user, with the home page introducing the concept to the user in a compelling and interactive sales driven experience. Through careful research we designed the whole site to be open to explore for new users, allowing for maximum discovery and only requiring sign-up to consume content.


A mixture of technology

We leveraged various API-driven solutions to develop a bespoke backend system for Wordpress that is exceptionally easy to manage and update. Our approach involved utilising Google Firebase APIs for user management, incorporating the top-performing MUX video platform to fuel our personalised video player, and tapping into Google Cloud for hosting a fully scalable platform. All of these elements were united through the use of GraphQL, providing a flexible and responsive end product.

Netlfix for music education

No compromises were made on the functionality to create a high-end and familiar experience for users. Complete video progress tracking coupled with a watchlist feature and video recommendations based on their habits gives users a Netflix style experience, with the opportunity to discover new content at every turn.


Following a soft launch at SXSW and a push to the wider market in May 2023, we have seen a steady week-on-week increase in subscribers.