Deep Objects

A.I. Powered Decentralised Design Studio
Community driven, A.I. powered NFT minting experience

Deep Objects was a Web3 art project that aimed to combine AI and Human interaction to create the perfect sneaker. Initially, 1 million sneakers were designed by AI, with 10,000 mint passes available for the parent strands. The activation then progressed through 5 different stages and an Art Basel installation. We worked alongside Moonpay / Hypermint to ensure a seamless integration with their exchange, and used Etherium as the currency of choice.

Community driven selection process

As part of the refinement process, the community was asked to enter an "elimination chamber", where they could select an array of favourites within a limited time frame, forcing them to act on instinct. This elimination process quickly distilled the 10,000 pieces to 1,000, then to 300, then to the final 30.

Real-time interaction with AI

As part of the minting process, users could interact with a real-time generative AI, yielding a library of sneakers. Once the user had utilised the custom Shape and Morphology sliders to curate their perfect "look", they could mint this unique (1 of 1) asset on the Polygon blockchain for later use within the project.

We sold 10,000 units in 9 minutes

The Deep Objects movement received a large uptick in hype days before the initial Mint, so much so, that our servers were experiencing 30-40k unique user sessions one hour before the mint even started. As soon as we opened the 'doors' to this incredible experience 10,000 lucky users minted their highly curated pair of sneakers within the first 9 minutes. The DeepObjects minting process was flawless and quickly picked up even more applause from industry publications. It even ranked #3 on Opensea for the best part of a week alongside BAYC and CryptoPunks.

DeepObjects was the perfect example of utilising AI and Web3 technology to onboard and navigate a large community through an incredibly compelling and multi-faceted narrative.