Lift 109

Battersea Power Station Chimney Lift
IMG & Battersea Power Station
Bespoke tourist destination website & CMS

The iconic Battersea Power Station opened its doors to the public this year, having been brought back to life as one of the most exciting and innovative mixed-use neighbourhoods in the world. One part of this renovation is Lift 109, a unique experience where visitors make a thrilling ascent 109 metres to the top of the north-west chimney to take-in stunning 360 degree views of London’s skyline. Working with IMG, we designed and built the promotional site for the attraction, as well as making the template adaptable to use for other seasonal on-site attractions.

Engaging and useful UX

The site featured a number of well-considered UX features to help route the user to information quickly and effectively. For example, knowing that a high volume of bookings would be on-the-spot when on a short visit to London, the opening times and sunset times for the next 7 days are pulled-out into a visual block to ease friction and encourage booking.

Adaptable design

Knowing that there would be additional sites that followed the same pattern, we used a design system which allows us to quickly and easily take each component and redesign it for another sub-brand of Battersea. The first of these came in the form of Glide; the annual festive ice rink in front of the power station.